Making Inclusion

Globally scalable, the Lion League has limitless potential to help make the world a place where people with disabilities are naturally included, respected, and accepted.

Making Inclusion

Registered Lion League chapters are offered a FREE school based curriculum created to teach students at any level how to be more inclusive with their disabled peers.

Making Inclusion

The Lion League offers school-wide presentations and group workshops to encourage kindness and respect, instilling valuable lessons into adulthood.

Our Mission is to promote global understanding & inclusion for people with disabilities.

The Lion League aims to foster a world where people with disabilities are naturally included and accepted by providing our unique educational methods to schools and student organizations.

Our Core Values are Passion, Integrity, People-First & Authenticity

Our free monthly curriculum is for elementary, middle, or high school levels. We will further customize programs to address the specific needs of your Lion League Chapter. Alternative engagements include group workshops and school-wide presentations.

Fostering an inclusive mindset is mutually beneficial to schools as well as students.

Forming a Lion League Chapter gives your school the power to help students with disabilities reach new levels of positive academic, social, and personal development. All Lion League members represent models of acceptance and kindness in their schools and communities.

Chapter Locations

In our growing lion pride, we work together for the good of the whole. We believe in community, and we believe that everyone in our community should have the same opportunities.

Latest News

  • Galindo Elementary in Austin, TX will launch The Lion League this year!
  • Tobias Elementary in Kyle, TX will launch The Lion League this year!
  • The Lion League is featured in Neighbors of Lakeway Magazine September 2017 issue.