School Curriculum

The Lion League is a FREE school based program that engages students to be more intentional about including, understanding and accepting their peers with disabilities and differences. Any student body, such as a group or club, can implement The Lion League program. You can start a new club, or add our curriculum to an existing group. Forming a Lion League Club gives you the power to help students with disabilities reach new levels of positive academic, social, and personal development.

Recommended for grades 4-8, our SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) support curriculum is distributed monthly from The Lion League Headquarters. One of the most beautiful components of The Lion League is your school’s ability to make it your own. We send out brief questionnaires in September and May of each school year, to measure development and growth of the program. Elementary groups meet four times a year, while middle and high School groups meet monthly.

Members of a registered Lion League Club must be committed to serving and supporting their peers with disabilities. We expect students and leaders to be models of acceptance and kindness in their school and community. We are also confident that by being a member of The Lion League, students will become more naturally inclusive adults.