School Curriculum

The Lion League is a FREE school based program that engages students to be more intentional about including their peers with disabilities. Any student body, such as a group or club, can be a chapter of The Lion League. You can start a new club, or add our curriculum to an existing group. Forming a Lion League chapter gives you the power to help students with disabilities reach new levels of positive academic, social, and personal development.

Our curriculum is distributed monthly from The Lion League headquarters. One of the most beautiful components of The Lion League is your school’s ability to make it your own. We send out brief questionnaires in September and May of each school year, to measure development and growth of the program. Elementary chapters meet four times a year, while middle and high School chapters meet monthly.

Members of a Lion League chapter must be committed to serving and supporting their peers with disabilities. We expect students and leaders to be models of acceptance and kindness in their school and community. We are also confident that by being a member of The Lion League, students will become more naturally inclusive adults.

Middle and high school chapters should have two designated Pack Leaders:

Student Pack Leader – student representative
Faculty Pack Leader – staff representative

Elementary chapters should have two or more faculty Pack Leaders to share the responsibility of meeting and teaching the provided curriculum.

We recommend students spend one hour a week in activities or projects that benefit the disabled community. Lion League Chapters implement TWO PROJECTS per school year, except the elementary level participates only in the Spring Project.

Fall Project – Each chapter will plan a fundraiser to raise money to help The Lion League share all over the world. This fundraiser will be FUN and INCLUDE students with disabilities.
SUCCESSFUL EXAMPLES: Lip Sync Battle, Talent Show, or Sporting Event. Some schools have limitations on how many fundraisers they can host. If this is the case, we can help to raise money for your school, or make the fundraiser optional.

Spring Project – Each chapter will plan an inclusive recreation event including ALL students in their school. This event should be FUN for all and help create awareness of INCLUSION in recreation.
SUCCESSFUL EXAMPLES: Kickball Tournament, Basketball Game, Baseball Game.