The Lion League works together for the good of the whole. We believe in community, and we believe that everyone in our community should be accepted and included. Join us in this unique opportunity to create systemic change in your community.

  • 13% of all public school students receive special education services (
  • The average public school size in the US is 508 students (
  • On average, 66 students per public school receive special education services
  • With 10 Lion Leagues, we are improving the lives of at least 660 students with disabilities

100 Member Pride (NEW!)

Our 100 Member Pride is made up of individuals or businesses that give $100 or more monthly. These members are the financial foundation of everything we do at The Lion League. To join, please create a recurring donation of $100 or more.

Current Members of the 100 MEMBER PRIDE

Carie Lucas
Shawn & Hannah Brown
Brandon & Arielle Hobbs

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