Arielle Hobbs, Founder

Arielle has been a thinker and a writer her whole life, but found her passion when she had to rise up and fight for her son to have the same opportunities as everyone else. She is a creative free thinker who loves life and her family madly. Arielle and her husband live in Spicewood, Texas. They have three children, three french bulldogs, and two cats.

Stephanie Swan, Program Director

Stephanie and her family live in Kyle, Texas. Stephanie has always had the heart to make sure everyone is treated with love and respect – this permeates in everything she does. After many years at home with her daughters, she met Arielle in 2016. Arielle shared her story of how The Lion League came to exist, along with her passion for the disability community. Having always wanted to be a part of something bigger than herself, Stephanie wanted in! She joined the team in March of 2017, and has discovered a drive to make the world a more understanding and accepting place. She is excited for the impact The Lion League will have in the neighborhoods, cities, schools, states, and nations of the world.

Our Board of Directors

Brandon Hobbs, President
Carie Lucas, Treasurer
Alison Spurlock
Brian Temple
Charles Radi